• DeMaSy Software
    Manage Your Business With Only one Software
  • DeMaSy
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  • DeMaSy Software
    Manage Your Business With Only one Software

DeMaSy - "All in one"

Engineered, designed and developed in Luxembourg by professionals for professionals

Management, Accounting, Document Management System, Timesheeting, Invoicing, Compliance / Due diligence, Dealines monitoring, Planning and Scheduling ...


Corporate service Providers, Trust Administrators, Professionals of financial sector, Family Offices, Funds Administrators, Banks, Lawyers, Commercial companies ...


  • A Multi-currency, multi-period, multi-company and multi-language software application
  • A real time information through a extremely convenient graphical environment
  • Microsolft office (Excel, Word ...) Open Office integrated in DeMaSy with intelligent user-defined mail and documents merges
  • CRM and Risk management through a comprehensive and holistic management of all types of relations
  • Compliance , due diligence, KYC
  • Scheduling staff on jobs
  • Timereporting and time valuation with a real time profitability analysis
  • Tasks management with electronic signature and deadline monitoring
  • Automatic client billing and reminders at due dates
  • Dynamic deadlines and interactive time management
  • Comprehensive Workflows (purchase orders, inventory, billing,...)
  • Extended and fully integrated general accounting
  • Financial Accounting (portfolios, deposits-loans, Forex, Swaps, Outrights, Off- balancesheet ...)
  • Automatic accounting entries
  • Fixed assets amortization
  • Manual and electronic wire transfers orders
  • Reinsurance contracts management
  • Automatic reevaluations of currency positions
  • Net asset values computations for investment funds

DeMaSy, technology

  • A tool designed with Microsoft development applications
  • Standalone, networks, remote access (software as a service)
  • An easy and powerful report generator [Crystal Report]
  • Integrated Interfaces (imports and exports)
  • Data protection, audit trail and integrated security management

DeMaSy, professionals

  • Professionals of financial sector and engineers at your service
  • Help desk and online remote maintenance

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